Plate Up v1.2 theme update released

An update to the Plate Up WordPress restaurant theme is now available which adds a Contact Page Template, better support for Child Themes and a .pot file for easier translation. It also includes minor security and permissions enhancements.

Contact Page Template

A new Page Template is now available with the theme, which provides an attractive two-column responsive display of your contact details. Check out the demo.

The Page Template will automatically adjust depending on whether you’re displaying the map on all pages. And because it’s a page like any other, you can easily add your contact form below the location and opening hours.

Child Themes

Plate Up now ships with a download-able child theme to help you get started quickly. And if you’ve activated a child theme it will automatically load the parent theme’s stylesheet.

This is great if you plan to make any customizations to the theme’s template files or stylesheet. By using a child theme you can make your customizations but still take advantage of updates like this one to the base theme.

Not sure what a Child Theme is? Learn more (recommended for developers and tinkerers only).

Easier translation

Version 1.2 ships with a .pot file to help you quickly translate any strings in the theme and it will now automatically load your translation files (.po/.mo). To be honest, this should have gone into version 1.0 but I seem to have overlooked it!

Improved security and user permissions checks

Some changes were made under the hood to improve the security of the customizer settings and ensure that any user with the ability to edit themes could access and change the settings. These security updates are recommended but they are low-priority, because only high-level trusted users are able to exploit them (usually only Administrators).

Compatibility with the Open Table Widget plugin

A recent update to the Open Table Widget plugin caused some compatibility issues with my themes. This update fixes the critical issues. There are still some styling problems, but I’ve reached out to the developers of the plugin and we’re coordinating to get these fixed as soon as possible.

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