Restaurant Showcase: the Bristol Bar & Grille

This is the first in a new series showcasing successful restaurant, cafe or bar websites built with Theme of the Crop’s themes and plugins.

Julie Brooks built a new website for the Bristol Bar & Grille in Kentucky, a multi-unit restaurant with five locations and a storied history going back to 1977. The restaurant is known for their Signature Dishes and each location has dishes unique to that location. They feature local farmers with special dishes and their manager is a master sommelier.

After a productive relationship as their public relations firm, Julie’s company, Estes Public Relations, was given the task of creating a new, responsive website to promote the restaurant’s activities.

The website for Bristol Bar & Grille in Kentucky

Choosing Theme of the Crop

Julie had previously used another one of our themes, The Spot, for a different client. “Right from the start I was impressed. The support from the developer was wonderful,” she said. “I had worked on other client’s WordPress themes for restaurants that were awful and support was non-existent.”

“I told my boss I would agree to build the Bristol Bar & Grille website, but only if they purchased a theme from Theme of the Crop,” said Julie.

She picked CafeCultura for the Bristol Bar & Grille and set to work tailoring it to fit their needs. “When the client agreed to update, I knew the challenge would be five locations and managing the menus since they were not identical,” she said. “We found that by creating a menu with the name of each location we could still have a specific menu and highlight the items using shortcodes on each locations page.”

Using plugins to keep information organized

The Team Member Snapshots plugin that comes with CafeCultura was re-purposed for the restaurant’s Featured Farmers. They can showcase the farmer on the homepage slider and keep the blog for the restaurant’s sommelier to write about his wines. “Using the plugins that work with the theme are making it easy to manage their events and manage the content in a structured way,” she said.

“The client is so thrilled.”

“My favorite thing is when we created a form for inquiries. They never had one. The site was only live about five minutes and the inquiries started pouring in asking about private parties, catering. So now they wondered how much business did they miss out on because they didn’t have a form,” she said. “The client is so thrilled and they are actually asking for more information to be added to the site.”

“I have worked on other themes for clients and not only are Theme of the Crop’s themes easy to use, it is really the support that is the main reason I would continue to recommend Nate,” Julie said. “I know I can tell my client this will work, because I trust the developer and know he will stand behind his product.”

Thanks to Julie Brooks for being the first to take the plunge. Have you built a great site with one of my products? Let me know about it.

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