Food Order Platform, Commission-Free: Take Control

Say goodbye to hefty commissions paid to third-party services and gain full control over your online ordering process using our food ordering platform — a powerful tool that seamlessly integrates a comprehensive menu and food ordering system directly into your WordPress restaurant’s website. In this blog, we’ll explore how it revolutionizes your WordPress restaurant’s online experience.

Screenshot of Live Demo

Key Features

Tailored Ordering Experience

  • Customize the ordering process with add-ons for menu items, schedule availability, and minimum order totals.
  • Temporarily pause ordering or set a maximum order limit to manage capacity effectively.

Customer Interaction and Customization

  • Allow customers to leave notes for individual items or the overall order, enhancing communication.
  • Add custom fields to the order form for additional information.
Screenshot of Live Demo

Seamless Ordering Process

  • Intuitive “Add to Cart” buttons for all menu items, making it effortless for customers to build their orders.
  • The responsive cart seamlessly integrates with any website theme at the bottom or on the side, providing a smooth and visually appealing ordering experience.
Screenshot of Live Demo

Flexible Payment Options

  • Choose to require immediate payment during checkout or offer the flexibility for customers to pay when they pick up their orders.
  • Integration with trusted payment gateways like Stripe Payment Intents and PayPal ensures secure transactions.
Screenshot of Live Demo

Stripe Payment Intents

  • Take advantage of the advanced payment system offered by Stripe, enabling various payment methods, including credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, direct debit, Afterpay, and many other country- and region-specific methods.
  • Take payments as holds and then charge/capture the payment at a later time.

Customizable Notifications

Efficient Order Management

  • The easy-to-use admin interface allows you to efficiently manage orders, with an advanced order edit screen for updates to customer information, order items, status, and payment amounts.
  • Sync orders seamlessly with the Five Star Restaurant Manager mobile app for on-the-go order management and push notifications — Watch out for a future blog post about this!

Final Thoughts

With our food ordering platform, you’re not just adding a food ordering system; you’re transforming your restaurant’s online experience. Take control of your orders, save on commissions, and provide a seamless and customizable ordering process for your customers. Elevate your restaurant’s digital presence with the ultimate plugin that combines functionality, flexibility, and style.

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