Manage staff access to your online restaurant booking form

Are you looking for a hassle-free solution to manage restaurant bookings efficiently? Look no further! With Restaurant Reservations, you can elevate your booking management game with the exclusive Booking Manager role feature.

Introducing the Booking Manager Role

Restaurant Reservations introduces a new User Role in your WordPress website: the Booking Manager. This specialized role comes with a single yet powerful permission — to add, edit, confirm, and reject bookings. It’s designed to streamline your booking management process without granting unnecessary access to other parts of your website.

Why Choose the Booking Manager Role?

Enhanced Booking Management:

The Booking Manager role empowers your staff to handle bookings seamlessly. Whether it’s confirming reservations, editing details, or rejecting requests, your booking manager can efficiently handle it all.

Simplified User Permissions:

Unlike generic user roles, the Booking Manager role focuses solely on booking management tasks. This ensures that your staff members have access to the tools they need without compromising the security of other website functionalities.

Secure Website Operation:

By limiting access to specific booking-related actions, the Booking Manager role enhances website security. You can rest assured that your website remains protected while allowing your staff to fulfill their booking management responsibilities.

Bonus: Restaurants Manager Mobile App

Take your restaurant management to the next level with our exclusive Five Stars Restaurants Manager Mobile App. Available with the ultimate version of our plugin and Restaurant Website Design package, this app provides staff with a secluded area to manage bookings and more on the go. Learn more about its features and benefits in our “Revolutionize Restaurant Management with our Restaurant Manager App” blog.


Efficient booking management is crucial for the success of any restaurant. With the Booking Manager role in Restaurant Reservations, you can streamline your booking process, empower your staff, and enhance website security — all in one go. Say goodbye to tedious booking management tasks and hello to effortless efficiency!

Unlock the power of the Booking Manager role today and take your restaurant’s booking experience to new heights with Restaurant Reservations.

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