Booking Deposits for Restaurant Reservations

Managing reservations efficiently is crucial for any restaurant, and preventing no-shows is a key part of that. Our Restaurant Reservation WordPress plugin now includes a powerful feature to help with this: Booking Deposits. This feature allows you to require a deposit, either per guest or per reservation, to secure bookings and reduce the likelihood of no-shows.

Key Features of Booking Deposits

  1. Flexible Payment Gateways:
    • Accept deposits through Stripe and PayPal.
    • Stripe integration now uses the Payment Intents system, offering a variety of payment methods including credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, direct debit, Afterpay, and many region-specific methods.
  2. Customizable Deposit Requirements:
    • Set deposits for specific party sizes or at certain times.
    • Configure table-specific deposit amounts to manage high-demand seating areas better.
  3. Hold and Capture Payments:
    • Option to take the deposit as a hold and charge it later. This could be when you confirm the booking or on the reservation date, providing flexibility in managing your cash flow.
  4. Payment Pending Status:
    • Bookings with unpaid deposits will have a “Payment Pending” status.
    • Create automated email or SMS notifications to remind guests to complete their deposit payment.
  5. Post-Booking Payment Option:
    • Guests can make a deposit payment after the initial booking if it wasn’t paid at that time. This ensures that even if the payment process is interrupted, the reservation can still be secured later.

Benefits of Using Booking Deposits

  • Reduce No-Shows: By requiring a deposit, guests are more likely to honor their reservations, helping you minimize losses from empty tables.
  • Secure Revenue: Deposits guarantee that you receive some revenue even if a guest cancels at the last minute.
  • Improve Cash Flow Management: The option to hold deposits and capture them later gives you control over when you process payments, aiding in better cash flow management.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: The flexibility in payment methods and the ability to pay deposits later provide a smoother, more convenient experience for your guests.

How to Enable Booking Deposits

Enabling and configuring Booking Deposits in your Restaurant Reservation plugin is straightforward:

  1. Access Payments Settings
  2. Configure Payment Gateway
  3. Set Deposit Rules
  4. Done!

Additional information can be found on our documentation page here.


The Booking Deposits feature is a game-changer for restaurant reservation management. By requiring a deposit, you can significantly reduce no-shows, secure your revenue, and improve the overall reservation experience for your guests. With flexible payment options and customizable deposit rules, our Restaurant Reservation plugin ensures you have all the tools you need to manage your bookings effectively.

For more information and to start using the Booking Deposits feature, visit our website or contact our support team. Make the smart move today and enhance your reservation management with Booking Deposits!

Ready to transform your restaurant’s reservation system? Explore our Booking Deposits feature and start enhancing your dining experience today. Available in the Ultimate package of our Restaurant Website Packages – We can set up your restaurant website for you!

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