Re-Open Safely with Five Star Restaurant Reservations

Countries around the world are starting to ease their COVID-19 lockdowns, and in some places restaurants are being allowed to re-open with a limited capacity. Five Star Restaurant Reservations is the perfect tool to help restaurant owners re-open safely and comply with local regulations. There are three great ways to use the plugin to ensure that your restaurant stays under its new capacity.

  1. In the free version of the plugin, restaurant owners can control the status of reservation requests. By only confirming a set number of reservations, any restaurant owner can make sure that they don’t overbook their venue.

  2. The premium version has a great new option to help you re-open your restaurant safely: Max People. The setting lets you pick a maximum number of seats that can be booked at one time. For example, if you set your maximum number of guests to 30, and 28 people have booked reservations close to the same time, a visitor to your site would only be able to make a reservation for 1 or 2 guests at that particular time.To use this feature for your site, toggle on the Max Reservations setting, and then select the number of guests you want to limit your bookings to with the Max People setting. Make sure not to set a number for the Max Reservations settings, as that setting will take priority over the Max People setting.

  3. If you’ve got a certain number of tables available, you can use the Max Reservations setting instead so that only a certain number of reservations can be made. Using this setting would work great in countries where a maximum of 2 or 4 guests can be seated at the same table, and a certain number of tables are in use.

Using one or more of these can help you safely re-open your restaurant sooner after a COVID-19 lockdown. Five Star Restaurant Reservations also has tonnes of great features that can help any restaurant owner run their business with less hassle.

Want to learn more? Check out our plugin page or our YouTube tutorials playlist.