What are SMS Message Credits?

Five-Star Restaurant Reservations Ultimate lets you send reminder and late notifications to guests who have booked through your website. You have the option of either email notifications (unlimited) or SMS notifications (5000 credits included) for reminders and late notifications.

Each SMS message sent uses between 1 and 5 credits, depending on destination country for the message, meaning you’ll be able to send between 1000 and 5000 automatic messages annually to guests booking through your website. You can also purchase additional SMS credits, should you run out, at a price of $120 per 5000 credits.

Rates for the most commonly inquired about locations, based on our cost per message to send, are displayed below*. Rates are based on the country code the message is being sent to. Any country not listed counts as 5 credits per message:

1 credit per SMS
– Canada

2 credits per SMS
– Bahrain
– Belize
– China
– Denmark
– Greenland
– Iceland
– India
– Indonesia
– Israel
– Maldives
– Serbia
– South Africa
– Thailand
– Turkey

3 credits per SMS
– Costa Rica
– Croatia
– Czech Republic
– El Salvador
– Ghana
– Guatemala
– Haiti
– Hong Kong
– Korea
– Lebanon
– Lithuania
– Macau
– Malaysia
– Malta
– Montenegro
– Paraguay
– Peru
– Philippines
– Poland
– Portugal
– Puerto Rico
– Russia
– Saudi Arabia
– Singapore
– Slovenia
– United Kingdom
– Venezuela
– Zambia
– Zimbabwe

4 credits per SMS
– Algeria
– Belarus
– Chile
– Colombia
– Dominican Republic
– Egypt
– France
– Greece
– Honduras
– Ireland
– Jamaica
– Kuwait
– Luxembourg
– Latvia
– Mauritius
– Mexico
– Morocco
– Moldova
– Mongolia
– Norway
– Panama
– Qatar
– Romania
– Sweden
– Switzerland
– Taiwan
– Tanzania
– Uganda
– Vietnam

* Rates are subject to change at any time if changed by our provider

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